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If you are an adoptive parent seeking to adopt, visit our main page Building Blocks Adoption Service Inc, an Ohio not for profit adoption agency online at to request your free information packet on adoption.

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We understand that you may have many questions right now about your unplanned pregnancy options and are most likely unsure what you want to do. We hope to help you through this difficult and confusing time by answering your questions and explaining how the Ohio adoption process works. With our agency you can choose the adoptive family that you feel is right for your child. The decisions about your child's future are yours to make. Another option is that you may decide to parent your child. If that is your choice, we can assist you with locating resources to assist you with your parenting plan.

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If you decided to create an adoptive plan, we have several families who are committed to become adoptive parents. Our adoptive families are required to go through 36 hours of training, child abuse clearances, FBI and state criminal checks, financial background check and have a minimum of three home visits with a licensed social worker in order to become approved as an adoptive family. We want you to have the best choices for your adoption option and plans.

At Building Blocks, here in the State of Ohio we are here to listen to you. You can freely talk about any concerns or fears, and your dreams for your future. We have 14 licensed social workers all over the State of Ohio that will help you understand your adoption options and can guide you to making a confident choice for your future and your baby’s future. By working with you to develop an adoption plan you can gain a greater confidence and peace for your future.

Once your relationship with Building Blocks begins, you will be matched with one of our licensed adoption social workers for professional counseling that will help guide you with some of the emotional choices you need to make, including the choices for your child. We have workers near all major cities such as Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Youngstown, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio. If you live outside of Ohio we can still assist you with our network of adoption professionals located throughout the United States.

Our birth mother services to you are free and include



  • Your involvement in choosing the best family and your desired level of openness with that family.
  • A loving staff that is here to support you and will accept your final decision and will not pressure you if you change your mind about your adoption plans.
  • Counselors located throughout the State of Ohio near major cities such as Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron Ohio, Toledo, Dayton and Youngstown Ohio
  • Referral to nationwide counselors in your state to assist you with making your adoption plans.
  • Continued counseling and support to you after the adoption is completed
  • Referrals to legal services and experienced adoption attorneys.
  • Building Blocks Adoption is an Ohio adoption agency able to assist you, the birth mother, with making plans in regards to your unplanned pregnancy.

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Benefits of adoption for you

Benefits of adoption for your child

  • The love and support of adoptive parents who are emotionally and financially ready and able to parent and provide a good life
  • A home that may include siblings or an extended family to allow for the child to have a great support system
  • Resources and provisions that your child might not otherwise be provided for financially
  • A greater probability of a good education and future opportunities in life
  • Family support and unity

 I am pregnant.... Now what? 

Many women who experience an unplanned pregnancy do not want to consider adoption.

We understand that you may not think that adoption is a good option. We want you to know that some of feelings and questions women have are normal and we are here to help you understand them and make decisions.

These are some of the common fears we hear that centers around an unplanned pregnancy.

It would be too sad for me to give my child up for adoption.

It is normal to feel sad about the decision you will need to make in regards to your unplanned pregnancy options. Making a decision to make an adoption plan for your unborn child after bonding with and carrying them for nine months will obviously be difficult –but there is also the positive impact your decisions will have on many lives including your own. You can feel empowered knowing that you made a responsible decision for your child. When you consider your options and make the decision of adoption you can look back on it and know you made an educated decision the centers around your unplanned pregnancy. You can also have confidence that you have chosen a family who can give the care you desire for your child. The choice of adoption can have a positive impact on you too, and it gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams.

I feel I need to take responsibility for my own actions.

Placing a child for adoption is not avoiding responsibility. Evaluating the choices for your unplanned pregnancy and child is very mature and shows responsibility. There are many things to consider when making your decision: your financial situation and future, family support, educational possibilities, stability in relationships, commitments to and from the baby’s father and your long-term chances for successful parenting. You will be able to choose a family that will be able to give your child the ideal upbringing you want. Doing that is showing a tremendous amount of responsibility.

How will I know that my baby will be happy?

Life does not come with guarantees for anyone. But you can make decisions that offer your child opportunities. You will be able to choose the family that adopts your child. You will be presented with prospective adoptive parent profiles that tell you about who they are and what adopting your child would mean to them. They will have the financial means and social resources to give your child the best life possible. You can meet the family and agree on the adoption terms you want including communication, contact and your ability to stay informed about your child.

My family will not support my decision about my unwanted pregnancy and my adoption plan.

Family traditions can be important and a strong part of your family. It takes courage to make a decision to go against the expectations of your family. Adoption may be a choice family members have difficulty accepting - but you need to make a choice based on the care of your child, not what your family wants. Children have daily needs that need to be met throughout their development. You’ll need to make a decision about whether or not you can meet those needs based on your current circumstances and the support you have in your life. If you feel that adoption would give these things to your child, then this is what you should choose. You have to make a choice that is best for you and your baby, not what is best for your family. Our social workers can also talk to your family and offer them counseling also.

My friends know about my unplanned pregnancy and think I should keep the baby.

Your friends may feel that keeping the baby is what is best for you. But you need to think about “What is best for my child?” Becoming a mother will change your life dramatically. Your friends will not share in the commitment and financial responsibility it requires to raise and care for your child. Your friends will have different priorities than you. They have their own plans for their future and cannot commit to always live nearby or to help you. Neither will they be willing to give up a date with a boyfriend to babysit so you can go out. While the emotional support of friends is great, their input should not be considered in your decision. They should be supportive of you and the choices you make. Your decision on your unplanned pregnancy should be your personal decision. 

Building Blocks Adoption is a State of Ohio licensed adoption agency. We provide one on one assistance to birth parents who are seeking to make an adoption plan for their unborn child. We believe that all birth parents should be aware of their unplanned pregnancy options. There are alternatives to abortion options, adoption and parenting your unborn child are options to consider. We are here for you to guide you through your unplanned pregnancy. We have many waiting families seeking to build their families through adoption. Your pregnancy centers around your lifelong commitment to yourself and your unborn child.

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